3 best sprial veggie cutters and slicers

Top 3 Spiral Vegetable Slicers – and My Favorite (reviews too)

The Spiral Veggie Cutter That I Think Is Best (and the other 2 good ones)

In an attempt to start eating a bit more healthy by eliminating carbs as much as possible (thanks, Dr Oz!), I decided to learn how to turn zucchini into noodles with a spiral vegetable slicer.

I had eaten spiral zucchini noodles at a friends house and wow, so delicious!

So off I went to find a great spiral slicer to cut up my vegetables into those pretty spirals.  Through trial and error (and watching way too many of those As Seen on TV infomercials), I have decided on the 3 best spiral slicers…and which is my personal favorite.

What you’re about to read in this thorough review are my personal feelings and experience with spiral slicers and the one I am most happy with (it truly is awesome!).

But, as you will see below, not everyone agrees with me! (gasp!)

Be sure to read all consumer reports and reviews before purchasing your spiral slicer.


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Ok, now let’s get into my reviews and the story behind my quest for the best spiral veggie slicer for the money.

My friend told me to get this spiral slicer, but that one did NOT work for me.

I cut my hands up like crazy!  Ouch!

At my Aunt’s house, I tried her spiral slicer, and it was ok. Worked fine, I managed to use it fine (with some issues I detail below), and she really likes it.

I probably would’ve bought that one until I tried THIS spiral slicer.

What a difference!

The Top 3 Spiral Slicers

These are the current 3 best-selling spiral slicers on the market:

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Turns out, those are the same 3 I tried.  One at my friends house, one at my Aunt’s house… and then the one I ended up buying and LOVING.

If I were to rank these top 3 slicers , I would rank them like this.

#1 – Spiral Slicer from Paderno World Cuisine

This slicer is MY answer to the question – Which is the best spiral vegetable slicer?

It’s SUPER easy to use AND easy to clean (and easy on my hands – saves on Band-Aids haha!).


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Great for making zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, curly fries or long, spiral apple strands and lots more fun stuff (and yes, it’s healthy stuff, too…lol!)

We have a lot of fun with it, too!  The kids and I bet who can make the longest spiral strand (I swear my son made one that was well over 2 feet long!)

We LOVE cucumbers in this house, but my youngest hates the seeds.

This spiral cutter removes the seeds (yay!)

Just watch how easy it is to make zucchini spaghetti in this spiral slicer demonstration video:


I’m also a big fan of the 4 suction cups on the bottom that holds the thing securely while I’m using it.

Trust me, it’s not easy using one of those gadgets when it’s flailing all over the place!

Comes with 3 blades to you can slice and spiral cut just about anything – even a shredder blade.

Note: there is also a FOUR blade option that looks great, but I haven’t tried that one.

Easy to take a part and clean as well – even top rack dishwasher safe.

I got my spiral slicer here because it was super cheap and was delivered quickly.

Super happy with it!

Here are reviews from others that love this spiral slicer (lots of good tips and tricks.. and pictures there, too).

Naturally, there are people that do NOT like this spiral veggie cutter at all- seems some had a bad experience (or uh, didn’t read the directions).

You can read all the negative “one-star” reviews here.

Me?  I love it!  I’d give it 50 stars!

#2 – Spiral Slicer from Spiralizer

step0003[1]Even tho I ranked this spiral slicer at #2, it’s still a super good spiral vegetable cutter.

The reviews are fantastic, so I guess it just came down to personal preference.

This is the one I tried at my Aunt’s house – and yes, I really liked it.

But when it came time to buy my own, I opted to get the one I rated #1 – and I’m really glad I did.  It just has that little bit more that makes it the better choice in my opinion.

It just didn’t feel as sturdy as my slicer does…and the handle seems so much harder to turn.

I’m all about exercise, but I don’t want to break a sweat when spiral slicing my veggies!

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#3 – Spiral Slicer from iPerfect Kitchen

step0002[2]First off, don’t get what I say about this spiral slicer as THE decision on whether YOU should get it or not.  It’s my personal opinion (and results) after using it at my friend’s house.

First off, it’s too much “work” (again, not into breaking a sweat) – also, and this was a big thing for me – I kept getting little cuts on my hands!

I’m sure it’s because I’m not the most coordinated person in the world – and I’m definitely not a super cook either…but I won’t use a tool that hurt me even once.

Naturally, your results could be totally different.

Now it is cheaper than the other two slicers, but when it comes down to quality, value, and something being worth the money – I’ll spend a little more to get something that I know will work, I know will LAST…and something I know I will actually use.

That said, I will mention that the bonus books and recipes that come with it are really good.

There’s lots of folks who LOVE this slicer…and of course, people who feel like I do.

You can read their thought below:

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Summing Up

2015-06-09_1924[1]Hopefully, something on this page has helped you narrow down which spiral slicer will be right for you.

If not, here are reviews that really helped ME choose a spiral slicer.

This review was really helpful – and she has some great pictures, too!

This review here was REALLY helpful.  There were two major concerns I had before getting it – one was about the ‘catch basin’ and the other was about cleaning the spiral slicer.  She cleared all that right up and gave some great tips, too.

Needless to say, these are not the ONLY spiral slicers on the market.  There are lots of really good ones that might be a better fit for your needs.

Amazon has great deals on spiral slicers here.

Thanks for reading!